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THE OTHER DIMENSION. Ian Wooldridge on Isabel Waidner's "Sterling Karat Gold" (2021)

CRITICS' PICK. Jacqueline Fraser "The Making of Maria by Callas 2020" Kunsthalle Zurich, Artforum. (2021)


When Emotion Becomes Form. A Code for Sitara. Emmy Hennings / Sitara Abuzar Ghaznawi. Swiss Institute. New York. (2020)


Jasmine Gregory. Trouble at Case Amore. Karma International, Zurich. (2020)


Salvaged Elegance and Dreamy Butch Freedom: Virginia Overton. Mousse 71. (2020)


Derek Jarman: Artist, Activist, Gardener, Writer, ‘Cock Sucking, Straight Acting Lesbian Man’ Frieze. (2019)


Tensions Binaires. Le Temps CH. (2019)


Grab Your Pearls and Hog it Girl. A Conversation between Charles Atlas and Ian Wooldridge. Brand New Life. (2019)


Shahryar Nashat: An Image is an Orphan.  Brand New Life. (2018)




In Print / other


Time, Technologies, Attention Spans. Converstaion between Brit Barton and Ian Wooldridge. PROVENCE weekly news bulletin (2023).

The Maze and the Clouds: Woven Quotes, and Thoughts on Alan Shields. Alan Shields: Sandbar 12, Art Metropole, Toronto / Galerie Bernhard, Zurich. (2023)

VOICE INFLECTIONS  by Annie Murrells + Ian Wooldridge. A Queer Anthology of Healing, Pilot Press, London.  (2020)

Robert Beavers and Gregory Markopoulos: Time Spent and Time Between. Minor Cinema: Experimental Film in Switzerland | François Bovier, Adeena Mey, Fred Truniger, Anton Rey, Thomas Schärer (eds.) (2020)

loose homme. How to Sleep Faster 10. Arcadia Missa Press. London.  (2019)


The Last Two Million Years. A Queer Anthology of Sickness, Pilot Press, London. (2019)

Extreme Cognition by Enrico Patracca + Ian Wooldridge. Istituto Svizzero. (2019)

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